Hello Megaverse!

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Welcome to The RIFTER.com. This is just a sample article for now. We’re hoping to go live soon, and will be replacing this with real content.

In order to rank articles, and post comments, you’ll need to register. Also, you’ll need to get editor approval for your first post. There’ll be some rules coming shortly, which you’ll have to abide by to post.

In order to post new articles, you’ll need to converse with the Editor.

That’s all for now.

More later.

21 Responses to “Hello Megaverse!”

  1. I’d just like to say this.

  2. Looks good.

  3. Changed the site again?

  4. I liked the Rifter logo style better. Bring it back.

  5. The Rifter Logo did look cooler. Thom did you update the theme or did Wayne?

  6. I can’t be blamed. I never would have made it The RIFTER in all caps like that. Bleh.

  7. The LOGO is in all caps.

  8. Well, it appears this theme is working now with IE7 and Mozilla/Firefox.

  9. It’s only working with IE because we cut out the part that wasn’t working. Luckily the loss is minimal. I’m putting the text back in as a “text widget”.

  10. Hello folks – this is looking good. 🙂

  11. Looking pretty snazzy, keep up the good work. 😉

  12. Guess who also registered and leaving a comment?

  13. I am looking forward to all the ideas this site shall bring me and the ideas I can bring to you all.

  14. I wonder if there will be a section of “what not to do” by experience, hopefully in bullet form – if they didn’t like playing we wouldn’t want to read about it. hehehe.

    Looks awesome to me!

  15. Ah, finally got in. Glad to be here. Now I have to find my notes on my potential contribution to ATB2…..

  16. Posting is fun! I can’t wait for actual content!

  17. The site is looking good, so kudos to all those involved. Keep up all the good work.

  18. I have arrived….now let the death of mortals begin!

  19. Glad I’m not mortal, I’d hate to die.

  20. So… when is this place going to be up and running?

  21. Hoo-ah! The Game Master has arrived!
    Methos, you can’t escape me…not even here! 🙂

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