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What is The Rifter?

The Rifter is a website dedicated to YOU! The fans of the Palladium Books’ Megaverse of adventure. You’re welcome to post stories, adventure hooks, character backgrounds, and other ideas here. They can be discussed in the comments and will hopefully build a community of creators and like-minded gamers who are out to have fun and share what they love. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Post?

You’ll need to create an account and/0r log in. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be a Subscriber. As a Subscriber, you can comment on posts and follow content.

Use the contact form to contact the Old Ones (Admins) and ask to be elevated to a Contributor. Once you’re a Contributor, you can begin writing your own posts.

What are the Rules?
  1. Content should not contain vulgar language or graphic descriptions of violent acts.
  2. Avoid sexual content. Basically, if it’s illegal or frowned upon in the general culture of today, then don’t bring it here. 
  3. All content can be removed by the mods at any time without reason given. 
  4. No Advertising in posts or comments. You may have a link in your profile. You may suggest resources to help other users, but cannot link to them in posts or comments.
  5. Content must directly connect to Palladium Books content. This community is Palladium-focused, not other game focused.
  6. Palladium Staff will not answer questions here. All questions for Palladium should be directed to the Palladium Contact Page.
  7. Content posted here is considered fair game, if you want to create monetized content about Palladium content outside of this website, you need to contact us to discuss IP licensing.
  8. Due to legal reasons, you can’t mention other company’s Intellectual Properties (for example: X-Men, Lord of the Rings, Darth Vader, etc). 

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